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Capstone Tutorials offers affordable online test preparation courses for GRE, GMAT, SAT. We have been coaching students successfully since 2010. We believe that every aspiring student can be trained to achieve their goal scores. Our mission is to unleash the potential of every test prep aspirant.  In a time of online tutoring, we strive to keep the human connection at the heart of teaching. 

Whether you are a first time test aspirant or a repeat test taker, try our first class for free. Get prepared to succeed.

Meet our Team

To be a great test prep company that students know us for, it takes a group of accomplished teachers who are passionate about student success. Behind every student’s success, there is a team.

Anirban Bose

Founder & Head of Academics

Anirban is Capstone’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a platform that empowers students to be successful test takers.

Anirban’s two decades of experience include personal coaching for thousands of students for GRE, GMAT and SAT. He is not only passionate about teaching and mentoring but is also a successive 99th percentile test taker. Many of his students have gained admissions into Ivy League schools and prestigious programs worldwide. 

Anirban has a deep commitment to the potential of online test prep. Despite the advances in tools and technology, he places each student at the heart of Capstone. 

Santhosh M

Chief Marketing Officer

Santhosh Capstone

Santhosh is Capstone’s Chief Marketing Officer. He leads the company’s digital marketing, communications. brand, market research and growth initiatives, elevating Capstone to new students around the world and deepening engagement within the test prep community. 

Santhosh brings two decades of marketing experience to Capstone. He also leads our technology strategy in helping us further scale our test prep platform. 

Prior to Capstone, Santhosh led various roles in digital marketing developing new products and services while enhancing customer experiences.

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We are a growing test prep company. We are always excited to meet talented people who might be our next team members.   

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Anirban - Head of Academics
Anirban Bose - Head of Academics

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