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GRE Practice of the Day

GRE Practice-Data Interpretation-Set 6

In the only year that the number of passengers from South America decreased over the previous year, North American passengers formed what percent of the total passengers?
Give your answer correct to the nearest percentage.

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GRE Practice-Synonyms and Word Groups-Set 5

Below, you will be given clues to words that are synonyms, antonyms or in some obvious way connected to the word WRATH.

WRATH can be defined as strong vengeful anger or indignation. It can also refer to retribution or punishment for an offense or a crime

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Q. If the function f(x) is defined as f(x) = 3(x + 1) + 7, then f(a − 2) =

  1. 3a + 5
  2. 3a – 9
  3. 3a + 10
  4. 3a – 4
  5. 3a + 4
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