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GRE Practice of the Day - 27th June 2020

Today’s GRE Practice is about words and you should set aside 10-15 minutes for it. The following set of 6 words are each followed by 5 options. At least one of the options is a synonym (same meaning) and at least one is an antonym. Make a note of which is which and check the answers. Then spend some time reading our explanations to learn more words and build your vocabulary.
  1. Rankle
  1. irk
  2. condone
  3. pacify
  4. gall
  5. extend

Synonym: A and D

Antonym: C

Synonym: A,D. To rankle is to irritate. Both irk and gall means to irritate. To pacify someone is to calm them down. C is the antonym.
  1. Ingenuity
  1. originality
  2. dullness
  3. intelligence
  4. clarity
  5. initiative

Synonym: A and E

Antonym: B

Synonym: A and E. INGENUITY refers to a clever or creative solution/plan etc. ORIGINALITY is a synonym and INITIATIVE is a near synonym. DULLNESS is the opposite of clever or smart. Antonym: B.
  1. Propensity
  1. antipathy
  2. predilection
  3. competence
  4. appropriateness
  5. penchant

Synonym: B and E

Antonym: A

Synonym: B, E. PROPENSITY means ‘tendency for’ or ‘inclination towards’. PREDILECTION and PENCHANT both mean predisposition. ANTIPATHY means ‘opposition to’ or ‘aversion for.’ A is the antonym.
  1. Circumlocution
  1. introspection
  2. equivocation
  3. periphrasis
  4. succinctness
  5. adroitness

Synonyms: B and C

Antonym: D

Synonym: B,C. CIRCUMLOCUTION literally means ‘speaking in circles.’ It refers to deliberate evasive speech OR it could also mean using an elaborate and roundabout way to express a simple idea. PERIPHRASIS refers to the use of too many words to express an idea while EQUIVOCATION is a deliberate evasion in speech. SUCCINCTNESS means concise and to the point and is therefore an antonym. D is the antonym.
  1. Nascent
  1. evolved
  2. incipient
  3. mature
  4. flexible
  5. inchoate

Synonym: B and E

Antonym: A and C

Synonym: B, E. NASCENT means coming or having recently come into existence. Both INCHOATE and INCIPIENT mean being only partly in existence or operation. The opposite of something budding or elementary is something that is MATURE or EVOLVED. A, C are antonyms.
  1. Fallacy
  1. verity
  2. delusion
  3. misconception
  4. assertion
  5. investigation

Synonym: B and C

Antonym: A

FALLACY is a false idea or belief. Synonyms: B, C. A is an antonym. VERITY means truth, it is the synonym for FACT so it is the antonym of a false idea or belief


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Q. If the function f(x) is defined as f(x) = 3(x + 1) + 7, then f(a − 2) =

  1. 3a + 5
  2. 3a – 9
  3. 3a + 10
  4. 3a – 4
  5. 3a + 4
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