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GRE Practice of the Day - 30th June 2020

Today’s GRE Practice is about words and you should set aside 10-15 minutes for it. The following set of 6 words are each followed by 5 options. At least one of the options is a synonym (same meaning) and at least one is an antonym. Make a note of which is which and check the answers. Then spend some time reading our explanations to learn more words and build your vocabulary.
  1. Curtail
  1. coax
  2. include
  3. prolong
  4. curb
  5. restrain

Synonym: D and E

Antonym: C

Synonym: D, E. To CURTAIL is to make less or cut short. “His peacekeeping efforts were curtailed by the military leader itching to go to war.”
C is the antonym. A is a near antonym since curb is to restrict or limit someone or something and coax is to persuade or entice someone to do something.

  1. Septic
  1. diseased
  2. salubrious
  3. suspicious
  4. wholesome
  5. festering

Synonym: A and E
Antonym: B and D

Synonym: A, E. A common enough word septic refers to infections that have putrefied or become gangrenous. In general it is used to refer to something that’s infected and beyond repair. The opposite is something that is healthy and hygienic. B, D are antonyms.
  1. Intimate
  1. communicate
  2. personal
  3. aloof
  4. inadequate
  5. standoffish

Synonym: A and B

Antonym: C and E

Synonym: A and B. One meaning of intimate is to inform. “I intimated my boss about my plans for the next few weeks.” Another meaning is to be close to someone. Yet another meaning is personal or private. “The intimate details of the conversation were leaked to the general public.”
Antonyms for the second meaning of being close to someone are ALOOF and STANDOFFISH both of which mean distant. C, E are antonyms.

  1. Evanescent
  1. fleeting
  2. retrograde
  3. flammable
  4. transitory
  5. permanent

Synonym: A and D

Antonym: E

Synonym: A, D. EVANESCENT literally means “tending to vanish like vapor,” it is used to refer to things that are short lived. E is the antonym. RETROGRADE means moving in the opposite direction, tending toward or resulting in a worse or previous state.
  1. Dissembling
  1. proficient
  2. candid
  3. expressive
  4. feign
  5. pretend

Synonym: D and E

Antonym: B

Synonyms: D, E. To dissemble is to fool or trick usually by putting on a false appearance. Both FEIGN and PRETEND are synonyms. To be CANDID is to be open and honest. B is the antonym. DISSEMBLING, like most other words on these lists, is a high frequency GRE word.
  1. Abstruse
  1. rarefied
  2. straightforward
  3. superficial
  4. silly
  5. recondite

Synonym: A and E

Antonym: B and C

Synonyms: A, E. Something ABSTRUSE is something that’s difficult to comprehend. Abstruse topics are often difficult to understand because they are complex and profound(deep). SUPERFICIAL and STRAIGHTFORWARD are antonyms. B, C are antonyms


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Q. If the function f(x) is defined as f(x) = 3(x + 1) + 7, then f(a − 2) =

  1. 3a + 5
  2. 3a – 9
  3. 3a + 10
  4. 3a – 4
  5. 3a + 4
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