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GRE Practice - Synonyms and Word Groups - Set 1

We will, over the next few weeks, look at WORD GROUPS. This is a very effective way of studying new words by connecting them to a group. Each group will consist of synonyms, antonyms, and related words. This approach is particularly useful for your GRE prep because the GRE tests certain word groups quite frequently.

We start with the 7 DEADLY SINS. These sins were considered to lead to the weakening of one’s character. These CARDINAL sins were major character flaws, very different from minor aberrations or FOIBLES. Today’s word is the first sin PRIDE.

Below, you will be given clues to words that are synonyms, antonyms or in some obvious way connected to the word PRIDE.


The word PRIDE is a positive word. To take pride in one’s appearance, abilities, etc. The excess of pride is ARROGANCE and that’s the kind of negative word that falls under the cardinal sin of PRIDE.

  1. ____ (3 letters)
Synonym of PRIDE but often used in a negative way.
  1. H____ (6 letters)
Positive word often goes with PRIDE as in Pride and ______
  1. C ____T (7 letters)
Synonym of ARROGANCE, negative word.
  1. H ____ (6 letters)
Excessive pride; deeming oneself equal to God
  1. S____ (4 letters)
The word can be used in a positive way to indicate self-assuredness but is mostly used to indicate over-confidence.
  1. ____NESS (8 letters)
Antonym of PRIDE is humility. This is a synonym of humility.
  1. S____T (5 letters)
To parade (something, such as clothes) with a show of pride; to show off.
  1. V____RY (9 letters)
A feeling or attitude of supremacy based on one’s achievements
  1. S ____ OUS(12 letters)
Patronizing and haughty behaviour.
  1. PRE____OUS (12 letters)
Overstepping bounds of propriety or courtesy mainly because of a sense of entitlement
  1. I ____OUS (9 letters)
Marked by arrogance and domineering. Commanding like a king.


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  1. 3a + 5
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