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GRE Practice - Synonyms and Word Groups - Set 6

We will, over the next few weeks, look at WORD GROUPS. This is a very effective way of studying new words by connecting them to a group. Each group will consist of synonyms, antonyms, and related words. This approach is particularly useful for your GRE prep because the GRE tests certain word groups quite frequently.

Today’s words end with EUR

EUR is a suffix that is used to indicate agent nouns or in other words DOERS. For example an ENTREPRENEUR is a person who starts or runs an ENTERPRISE

Most of the words we are looking at today have their roots/origins in French roots

Below, you will be given clues in the form of the meanings of the words. Once you find the word ending with EUR, the next question will ask for a synonym of the word.

  1. _______
(6 letters) a person who attempts to impress by acting unlike himself
  1. C _______AN
(9 letters) SYNONYM for POSEUR
  1. _______
(6 letters) one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession
  1. D _______E
(10 letters) SYNONYM for AMATEUR
  1. C_______
(11 letters) a person having a knowledgeable and fine appreciation of the arts
  1. C _______TE
(11 letters) SYNONYM for CONNOISSEUR
  1. _______
(9 letters) an expert storyteller especially of anecdotes
  1. F _______ST
(8 letters) an expert storyteller especially of fake or made-up stories
  1. _______
(6 letters) One who gets pleasure from watching the private lives of others
  1. P _______ TOM
(2 words, 7 letters for the first) Synonym for VOYEUR


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Q. If the function f(x) is defined as f(x) = 3(x + 1) + 7, then f(a − 2) =

  1. 3a + 5
  2. 3a – 9
  3. 3a + 10
  4. 3a – 4
  5. 3a + 4
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