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GRE Practice - Synonyms and Word Groups - Set 9

We will, over the next few weeks, look at WORD GROUPS. This is a very effective way of studying new words by connecting them to a group. Each group will consist of synonyms, antonyms, and related words. This approach is particularly useful for your GRE prep because the GRE tests certain word groups quite frequently. We start with the 7 DEADLY SINS. These sins were considered to lead to the weakening of one’s character. These CARDINAL sins were major character flaws, very different from minor aberrations or FOIBLES. Today’s word is the fifth sin LUST. Below, you will be given clues to words that are synonyms, antonyms or in some obvious way connected to the word LUST.
LUST most commonly refers to unbridled sexual desire or an intense longing. In the non-sexual context, it refers to enthusiasm and eagerness as in a lust to succeed
  1. L____OUS (10 letters)
filled with or showing sexual desire.
  1. L____ (4 letters)
Obscene or vulgar, usually about speech or gaze.
  1. L ____ OUS (10 letters)
lacking or disregarding legal/moral restraints, especially sexual restraints
  1. SA ____OUS (9 letters)
Arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination. Example: lyrics or book title
  1. R____Y (7 letters)
  1. DE____RY (10 letters)
extreme indulgence in bodily pleasures and especially sexual pleasures
  1. L____INE (9 letters)
having or showing lowered moral character or standards
  1. R____D (6 letters)
marked by coarseness or lewdness. Especially statements or speech that is crude or offensive.
  1. B____Y (5 letters)
  1. W____N (6 letters)
causing sexual excitement. Behaviour that is lustful or sensual especially in a woman.

NOTE: WANTON has many meanings
1. Merciless, inhumane as in wanton cruelty
2. Unprovoked as in a wanton attack
3. Unchecked or limitless as in wanton imagination

  1. P____OUS (11 letters)
indiscriminate in sexual matters or partners
  1. L____OUS (10 letters)
Synonym for lewd or lecherous behaviour


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